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This might be a very basic question but can the project that I work on run simply on just sharing the folder to dropbox?
It runs when I open it on iMac and laptops but it seems not to work on iPad.

Because when I export my project to Dropbox and I tried running the file, it shows blank page.

Did I miss something or do I need to put some code to activate the animation? I’m quite new with codes so this might be really basic stuff. Do I need a server to run this on several iPad or maybe Android Tablet?

Thank you for the help!


Hi @victoriajung

I don’t have any information for you but this has come up before so I have linked the other topic and posted for a response there for you.

Can you share your document and the Dropbox URL? Do you see any issues when previewing on a local browser? (File > Preview)

Do you see errors in your browser’s error console?

I’m guessing you’re using the Dropbox app on iOS and trying to open an exported .html file? Unfortunately the Dropbox app itself doesn’t know how to open any relative URLs from the HTML, such as the javascript which drives the project or any image resources.

If you export via Hype’s ‘File > Export as HTML5 > Dropbox…’ that will give you a public link which is served via Dropbox.

Hey Jonathan,

The thing is I did export my file via Hype’s 'File > Export as HTML5 > Dropbox…

I can preview my project on my local browser. There is no error notification but what happens is the screen just shows the background color of my project but blank with no other elements or layers or animations.

How are you viewing it on iOS? Through the same URL? (and if so can you share that?)

Hi Jonathan,

Yes, I’m viewing it through an ipad. Does it matter whether it’s an older version of ipad or not?

And, can I share the file through email? The project should not be made public just yet.

Are you viewing through Mobile Safari or the Dropbox app? What version of iOS is your iPad running?
You can share through email (; we’ll keep it confidential. Also do share your exported dropbox URL, since that is what is having difficulty.

I have sent you the working files. And the iOS running on my iPad is 9.2

Thanks for the email - you indicated you were opening it in the Dropbox app. As I mentioned above, the Dropbox app does not support loading relatively linked files, such as the javascript that actually drives animations or images and such. To open it on iOS, you’ll need to use the same dropbox URL that you would get when exporting via Hype within Mobile Safari. (I recommend using the “Continuity” feature where you can open Safari via the lock screen to what your Mac is showing).

I tried what you suggested and when I copied the url link of the file and pasted it to Safari, it seems to direct me back to open it on app. So I chose to sign in to my Dropbox account on Safari and open it there. So I clicked on the .html file and I thought it should run like how it runs on iMac. So I did that and it’s still blank.

Is my understanding correct? Did I misunderstood something? Or do I need to set anything on scene inspector like scene load because I did and it still blank.

The URL link Dropbox gives you is also going to be incorrect; you’ll want to do an export from Hype and use the URL that Hype specifically gives you.

(back in the older days Dropbox would have given the correct URL but they’ve since changed things and the fact that we can still publish is a “legacy” feature for them)


Sorry, I’m too happy. Thank you so much for the help!

Tips for others, copy the link carefully, watch out for the lowercase “L” and uppercase “i”

Thank you again Jonathan!

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Just to add some visual help. :smile: for anyone else that needs it.

You can get the link during the export process as Jonathan says:

and also you can go to and copy the link from there.