Opening a Vector Path

Is it possible to break a vector path at a specific point on the path. When I select Open Path it opens the path at a place where I don't want it opened. I just want to select a specific node and open the path at that point.

I do not think there is.

But it would be a good request if you want to post it as such?

Thank you. I think the more general issue is that we can't import SVGs into Hype and therefore are limited to creating complex illustrations that need to be animated, for example a line illustration, in Hype itself. Therefore I think it would help to have a more Illustrator based editing capability?

Just to clarify this point for folks reading the thread - SVGs can be imported as images or inner html in Hype, they just can't be edited by Hype's vector shape tools currently.

Absolutely - being able to open a path at any point is a good feature request. (Others in the same vein are cycling anchor point index positions and reversing them too.) We'd definitely like to beef up the vector shape tools.


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Thanks for clarifying Jonathan.

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