🤔 Open URL in new window issue

Hi, I created some kind of button
in which on mouse click there will start specific timeline
in which I added action “go to URL” and “open in new window”,
The problem is that after clicking on button
there will play animation but redirection to URL won’t happen.

What could be the problem??
click issue url.hype.zip (11.0 KB)

I have Hype 3.5.5 and I tested my project in Safari.


No problem here. Screen shot on the fly.

Works here too. Click button ‘link’ starts time line ‘click’ which opens up apple.com.:sunglasses:

And does the link opened in new window?

Yes. But it did not work on mobile.

Worked for me on Mac Safari as well, but on Mobile you need to make sure the open URL happens in the same event as the click; it won’t allow changing the page at a delayed time (such as after running a timeline).

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