Open Table Widget won't load - Hype Version 3.6.3 SE

Sorry for the basic question.

The Opentable widget has stopped functioning on our site. The HTML code seems to be working if I test it externally.

Could anyone let me know if there is something we need to alter on the code below or could it be something on our settings not allowing it to preview on the site?

<script type='text/javascript' src='//'></script>

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Version 3.6.3 (584) Standard Edition

What’s the site?

You might want to use the full url:

Do you see any errors in the Browser’s developer console?

Thanks Daniel,

Unfortunately it still doesn’t seem to be working. There also doesn’t seem to be any errors in the browser developer console. This may just be me being naive though.

The site is, I have currently replaced the widget on the booking page to an external link.

Thanks again for any advice

Putting this in a Widget’s source via the inspector ( Specified Url ) seems to work.;domain=couk&amp;type=standard&amp;theme=standard&amp;lang=en-GB&amp;overlay=false&amp;iframe=true&amp;r3abvariant=undefined

Thank you Mark, this has worked a treat. You are a hero.

Many thanks

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No prob. Restaurant looks good, will have to check it out next time Im over west😀