Opacity Using Pulsar

Hi, i want to use pulsar effect on an object, whe the effect runs the object change its opacity to 50% , is possible to use this effect and keep all the time opacity in 100% ? thanks for your help

Can you clarify what you are asking or provide an example? Specifically I am confused because you are asking to change the opacity to 50% but want to keep it at 100%.

Typically if you want a pulsing effect, you would use an animation for opacity and then use timeline actions to help loop the timeline for playback.

hi, when the image make the pulsar effect it fades to 50% opacity i want to be always with the 100% opacity https://themixclub.co.uk/shop-2/ when the circle expand you can see the corner from the backgroound and i want to be a solid object not to fade

Ah, I think I understand. The way I would just solve this is by putting another Ellipse element of the same size underneath the one that fades and match the color. This one can animate in its size, but not opacity.

Does that work as a solution?

thanks good idea i think this work. Thank you very much

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