OOPS... I thought Text elements were editable!

Hey guys...

I finally got around to tossing a text element into a project... and guess what..! The user (on the web page), can't enter text!

Seems I had a fundamental misunderstanding of that element.

How does one set up a project where the user can enter text?

Thank you!



Can be applied in the additional attribute panel but then you have no control over the grouping or tags like form.

Thanks, Max... ended up using a textArea! Seems legit!

However, when it gets focus, the textArea gets some sort of highlight/border. Do you know of a way to suppress it? I don't think it's the normal border... I got rid of that with making the border color transparent...

Thank you for your kind help...


You can use the :focus psuedo element and set the outline to none. Example:

.nofocusring:focus {
	outline: none;
<textarea class = "nofocusring"></textarea>
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