Onstage click url

New to hype, tried googleing and finding in the forum too, but no luck, so im asking here, thanks in advance for your help. I’ve just moved over from adobe edge and I love hype. I wonder if its possible to add actions to the stage itself? For example clickthrough url action without making a transparent overlay rectangle for example? How can i do that?

Not sure I understand.

Can you explain in more detail??

Scenes do have some events you can add actions to in the Scene Inspector (load/unload, key events, swipes, drags), but there aren’t mouse events that you might want to use for things like clicktag exits. You’ll want to add a transparent overlay rectangle.

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thank you. it could be a nice additional feature in later versions.

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Of course, on scene load you could add some javascript that would make the “scene element” clickable and then add your clicktag to that. But, you probably want a simple solution like adding an action.

@DBear is correct but note: the scene element encapsulates the elements. so if you add for instance a click eventListener on the scene element and click any where on the scene including on top of elements in it you will trigger the click event

@MarkHunte The post is related to ads whereas at present the idea is to drape the whole scene with a transparent rectangle (in most cases) and then have a click action applied for the “click through” :wink:

But, IMHO the rectangle is the easier way.

Argh…Missed that nugget .doh