One of five videos not playing

I have created a website which runs locally on a Lenovo tablet. Th website allows disabled visitors to a museum to see objects they see due to lack of wheel chair access etc.

The website has five videos, 2 on two pages and one on another.

The problem is that if I view the videos in any order, I can watch the first four but the fifth fails to play. But I can see the non-playing video if I restart the website and watch within the first four watches, then another will fail to load.

I’m not very web technical but it looks to be like a cache is being filled or something is not being reset when I stop playing a video. I am using a piece of java script to send the videos back to the beginning when the exiting from a page.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

My guess is that something in the JavaScript function might be causing this, but hard to guess. There is an issue where a large number of videos played in a sequence causes an issue, but I don’t think you’re hitting that. Can you share your document (or private message me if you’d prefer).

Hi Daniel,

In the end I changed tablets and the problem went away. Moral of the story, dont buy a cheap tablet.

Many thanks.