One can play the piano (attached source files)

Hi, I’m from China users, thank you for such a good software is developed, in a few days later I will use, to learn is too simple, so I made a demo of the piano “hype3”.Active files below to download (2.6 MB)

I also don’t know what to say, I was over the wall come in


By the way, I also forgot to capture



Great job! If you want to avoid a key being stuck, you could also have an ‘On Mouse Out’ action play the timeline in reverse as well; just make sure to use ‘Continue’ and do not check ‘Can restart timeline’; that way in case it was already triggered by a Mouse Up it won’t be called again.


:微笑:,Thank you for your prompt, very good, I just didn’t think of before, thank you! Actually this tool is very good, but, you are the tools developers?

In addition, I want to tell you, you of the application of special fire in China now.Although China now has a similar HTML 5 design tools, but they are all versions of the web, or to the client’s powerful “hype”.It is too strong, when I introduce my friend, he was stunned, stare big eyes


Ha, that’s great to hear! :slight_smile:.

I’m very happy with this funny piano and used the template to create a piano to practice for my grandson. I would like to use it only during the first lessons to practice the names of the notes.
On the Mac, it works great. Unfortunately the piano makes no sound on the iPad.
Isn’t it possible to play with it on an iPad?

This is my version:

Thanks a lot for this beautiful idea!

Your version (link) works fine on my iPad.

Mine is an iPad 2 air and the latest iOS.

So have I, but no sound. Thanks for your reply. All other stuff works with sound, but not ‘my’ little iPad piano.

Does not play sound for me either… iPad 4 - iOS 10.2.1

I also tried testing the piano with Hype Reflect, but again without sound. (iPad Air2, iOs 10.3) It works fine in Safari on my Mac, but on the iPad no sound. Please Markhunte can you tell me your trick?
I attached my document:

I’m glad to know the solution now: the piano doesn’t work on IOS10.3!
In the meantime I improved it a little. If you only touch the notes instead of the piano keys, the piano now will also play the right tones. Only the white notes, because the piano is for beginners. I think that advanced players wil quickly understand the symbols for the black keys and they don’t need this little iPad help any more.

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Ah beta software.
The only thing is it worked for me on 10.2.1 but not for @JimScott who is also on 10.2.1 ?

Thanks for reporting this. It is indeed an incompatibility between Hype and iOS 10.3. Apple fixed an audio playback bug which Hype had a workaround for, but unfortunately the workaround being in place causes audio to fail. I have a fix that will be released soon for the next version of Hype (it will be in v3.6.2). Unfortunately documents will need to be re-exported :frowning:.

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