On Viewport not working.. what am I doing wrong?

Apologies for what be the simplicity in my issues to some. My document has colored sections and I’ve been asked to have each section load when it comes on screen. The ‘On Viewport’ has little documentation so it seemed like a no brainer. I only applied this to the orange section in this upload but I have tried numerous applications… on viewport/start timeline/continue timeline . or just on enter viewport/start timeline… I would like for the colored areas to load once and stay static when the animation is done.HR Interactive-Hype-v3b.hype.zip (344.4 KB)

You’ll want to split the main timeline into multiple new timelines and then start those using the “on enter viewport” action. So, you can have a “main timeline” start when the document first loads and then other timelines start when they come into view.

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Thank you. I started to do this with my first to sections and it works but is glitchy. The the animation keeps replaying from start just as I scroll down.

HR Interactive-Hype-v4.hype.zip (352.5 KB)

My document has colored sections and I’ve been asked to have each section load when it comes on screen. I was advised to use multiple timelines for this, which I did for the first few sections but it’s glitchy. When a section comes into the view port section, as I continue to scroll, it automatically restarts.

Im also confused that after I add a new timeline - each timeline, the new and the main show all the same layers. If I make a new timeline for ‘orange’ for example… do I delete the orange from the main timeline? I would think so…

If anyone could shed light it would be helpful. Thanks!
HR Interactive-Hype-v4.hype.zip (352.5 KB)

Well, once I opened your file. One needs to first break down the whole page to see and understand what has been built. This will take a while.

I see you made 2 extra timelines in 1 scene. Called Orange and Green representing the 2 Sections in your group containers. But the dots are not connected. Meaning the viewport action was set wrong. Happens to us all. Practice makes perfect.

Have a look at v5.

Tip: Try working on a clean responsive page first and then set motion/interaction to it.

HR Interactive-Hype-v5.zip (326.6 KB)

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Thanks for helping out. Unfortunately I only get the opportunity to work in Hype like 1x a year. This time it’s been about 18 months since I last opened it so I’ve never get the time I need to fully develop or understand how to do things properly. Not an excuse :slight_smile: I appreciate your help very much.

I hope this helps and you can continue your work.

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