"On Symbol Load"

Hello guys! I trying to start a timeline when a symbol is appears on the screen.

The thing is that my symbol is on the bottom of the page and i can see it only when i scroll down.

What i trying to do is start a timeline when the symbol is appears on the screen.

I use “On Symbol Load” method and then the “Start timeline” action.

The problem is that the timeline starts immediately after the page loads, even before i scroll down and my symbol appears on the screen.

Guys, how can i start a timeline only after i scroll down to my symbol and it appears on the screen?

I don’t want to start my timeline immediately after the page loads.


Please see this thread: Viewport / Waypoint actions in Tumult Hype: Starting an animation when an element is visible

On Symbol Load occurs when that symbol has been loaded in the DOM (the browser has rendered it), not when it appears within the viewport.

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