On Scroll option inside Actions Inspector

Any update on scroll triggers/action? I know we have in/out the viewport which is great and I know there are custom javascript solutions as well as that tutorial that @Daniel posted.

But it would be awesome if we could trigger events with a scroll within Hype’s Action Inspector. i.e. scrolling up/down to trigger next/previous scenes or mimicking the on drag action with controlling the timeline but with scroll.

I created some mockups to show what I mean.

  1. Triggering action with the scroll in general.

  2. Scrubbing timeline with scroll action (similar to on drag action).



It would be such an important feature. I did try this workaround from the blog post, but it is a total nightmare to use this approach.

Thanks for the feedback!

In the first case, you may be able to use the On Enter Viewport action to accomplish the jump to scene that you want.

We previously avoided scroll actions because iOS did not properly support them, but that time has long since passed and I’d love to add them with timeline binding.