On Mouse Over run a script or timeline once

(Egmond Boon) #1

I would like to build a similar effect as in this site http://www.beyonce.com/ when I hover over an image. Is this possible in Hype? I tried creating a button and using the hover feature and start timeline but this doesn’t work as nice. Thanks for any support


rollover.hype.zip (143.6 KB)

(kerguelen) #3

Nice effect, but if you quickly remove the pointer from the image before animation Color ends, grids remains on image

(Greg) #4

Well done techgiant2K!


@kerguelen, I just noticed that as the the maroon rectangle disappears when doing the mouse out quicker, the grid remains within view. Again, it only happens when doing a quicker mouse out. I’ve tried grouping both elements and setting the on mouse out on the group and still the same.

Hype Pro 3.0.3 User, Mac OSX El Capitan

(Egmond Boon) #6

Fantastic techgiant2000! Thanks for your support and sharing the .ZIP

(Mark Hunte) #7

Well done @techgiant2000 for replicating that.

I must so though I really do not like what the Beyonce page is doing. It’s like they are trying to do a cinematic flash of credits but IMHO it is horrible. Not saying I could do better to get a flash affect but I would want to… :smiling_imp:

(Mark Hunte) #8

I think I would have gone down the road of adjusting the image…

rollover.hype 2.zip (300.5 KB)

p.s, this is definitely not kicking what @techgiant2000 has done. He has answered the brief and done a good job.

As I said above I am not keen on the general effect the Beyonce page employes. There must be a better way of doing it ?.


@MarkHunte, great comparison with effects on your side. Thx