'On Mouse Out' action

How do I make a On Mouse Out action not happen on scene load?

Two pictures side by side. When I mouse over the picture on the left a 50% transparent rectangle extends over the picture on the right. The rectangle is just animated to go from zero width to the same width as the picture it covers. When I ‘mouse out’, the timeline plays in reverse and the rectangle retracts back to zero width.

Problem is, when the scene loads the picture on the right is already covered by the rectangle, given that, on scene load, the cursor is in a ‘mouse out’ state.

So how can I have that not happen when the scene loads and the rectangle not be extended over the picture until I ‘mouse over’ and then ‘mouse out’?

I’m sure this is probably very easy but it’s driving me nuts! :slight_smile:

Could you share a document? One thought right now is that you should place some transparency during the Main Timeline’s load when the scene is first visited, and separate your mouse over / out animation into an additional timeline, but it’s kind of hard to guess at the effect you’re going for without seeing a document.

Hi Daniel

Thanks for the prompt reply. You guys set the standard for helpfulness.

Attached are the files which should make it obvious what the issue is.

New Folder With Items.zip (832.9 KB)

The trouble with the transparency idea is that this is going to be a page with loads of there and they’ll cover up all the images on the page and, potentially, lock me out of performing the mouse over and mouse out actions on those images.

One way to do this is to create an ‘On Scene Load’ --> ‘Go to Time in Timeline’ action for the ‘Stadium’ timeline so that and erroneously-detected ‘mouse out’ action is nipped in the bud:

New Fantasy Sitev2.zip (326.8 KB)

Brilliant! Thank you, that’s doing just what I needed.