On drag event issue using Samsung Internet Browser

Hi, so I’ve designed a custom scroll bar which uses the on drag event in Hype. Basically an element controls a timeline to move vertical from top to bottom revealing more information. Very basic stuff.

Even though on a mobile device you can swipe up to scroll inside a browser, I wanted to make it more custom.

I’ve tested this on multiple devices and it works amazing however there is one mobile browser which is giving me issues, Samsung Internet Browser. It seems that when interacting on the element to trigger the drag event, instead of stopping the browser to allowing the user to engage/drag, the browser continues to scroll down the page.

Here are videos of what is happening:

Working on Chrome for mobile:

Not working for Samsung Internet:

So my question is, does anyone have a similar problem with touch/drag events on Samsung Internet Browsers or a solution to how I might be able to fix this?

I’ve tried running a script to event.preventDefault(); however this did not solve the problem. Again this only happens on Samsung Internet Browsers, all other mobile browser works 100%.

Any advice would be helpful.

mobile-drag-event.zip (209.0 KB)

I suspect this has been fixed for the upcoming Hype 4.0.4; I will DM you a link to a beta that you can try.