On Click or Tap Show Symbol

I need somebody to help point me in the right direction.

I have one symbol called “orbit” and it is an ellipse that moves in a semi circular path.

I have another symbol called “blip” off canvas that i want to show whenever i click or mousedown orbit.

When the symbol orbit is clicked /mousedown i would like to show the symbol blip right where my mouse touches or makes contact.

Essentially the blip symbol would have to appear in many different locations depending on where the orbit symbol is clicked.

If someone could point me in the right direction it would be fantastic!click-and-show-test.hype.zip (15.9 KB)

I have added a way for you to show your “blip” symbol when you click on the “orbit” symbol. Where your mouse click was (and centering the “blip” symbol)

I’m not sure what your project is for but this is what you asked.

click-and-show-test-vDBear.hype.zip (18.9 KB)

click-and-show-test-vValk.hype.zip (16.4 KB)

Thanks Dbear. After Studying how you did it, I got a good understanding to achieve this in the future. I am not well versed in Javascript but I am trying to learn. I was able to look at what you did and make a modification so that the symbol dissapears onmouseout.
Thanks for the help! This is part of a bigger project i am putting together. I will hopefully be able to show it at the end of the week.

Another question. What if this were a full screen document. What kind of Math would I have to apply to compensate? Any thoughts?

click-and-show-test-vValk.hype.zip (19.6 KB)

No Math. It adapts to your screen width and document width already. Try resizing the screen and you’ll see,

I did but the clip is not hitting the target properly like it was.

I’ve changed it for you. You mean responsive not “full screen”

click-and-show-test-v2-vDBear.hype.zip (21.3 KB)

You are absolutely right. My humble apologies and Thank you so much for your help!