Old mans new animated website

Hello everyone,
In my latest website, I finally (mostly) said goodbye to iWeb and made the basics entirely with Hype. It did take some time to make the site suitable for everything between iPhone and big screen, but I had a wonderful time on it. Unfortunately it's all pretty heavy, but once loaded it works great. Some parts come from the contributions of hype friends, for which my big thanks. A few more minor cosmetic things and I'm done. I welcome comments and tips:


Nice job!
That's quite the mac setup you have on the front page :slight_smile:.

One suggestion is that for the "home" page, you may want to uncheck "Preload" in the Resources Library for most of your images. I would guess that most can be loaded on-the-fly so it doesn't hold up showing content for a while. This will make the page change quicker to get into your site.

Thanks for your advice Jonathan. I have disabled all the preloads. As for my Mac set up, not for nothing is Pinocchio my favorite mascot. My monitors are HP but I camouflaged them with the casing from old 2006 iMacs: https://janmac.nl/camouflaged_screens.jpeg
(The MacPro is from 2016). The Apple Mini M2 is on my wish list, but it's coming soon.

Ah ha! That is awesome. I didn't even think the setup was "real".

I'm actually confused; OG cheese graters were discontinued in 2013 and they had a flat top with access to the handles. What's going on there?

My mistake, it’s from 2010. Indeed, it is now really time for a mini Pro.

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