Ok so I have the border issue again

I deleted wordpress from my site and installed the “folder” option of my hype animation (index.html) and I still have about a 1/4 inch border on the sides of my animation when previewing it with my iphone X. I selected the various settings in hpye for device width, no setting, document width, and basically it didn’t change a thing.


It is likely that you need to use these settings in the Document Inspector:


(Make sure when you re-export, you also replace your index.html file which will have changed)

That worked! I had to clear my cache for it to show up. Thank you!!!

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Ok here is the border issue again. It’s on the left side. I have the theme zero’d out on all sides. I have the hype doc set to device width and still I have this 1/4 border.

False alarm. I fixed it =)