Oh, Snap! Snapping not going away

When I’m tracing out a shape I keep getting snapping popping up wanting me to align my point with other existing points. I have it turned off under ‘Arrange’ and yet it persists. This even occurs when I’m adjusting the handles. Very annoying. How do I rid myself of the pesky guide?

I should add that it seems like the vectors are on a grid and the points jump to grid coordinates. When I use the up and down arrows to adjust a point they just a few pixels, so there is no way to make finer adjustments.

Using the command-key when setting the points should solve your problem…

Vector Shape points presently must be on pixel coordinates; at a higher zoom factor this would make them appear as if they are snapping but it is more a factor that they aren’t being placed on fractional pixel values.

@Jonathan, if you don’t mind having a selection in say “view” to turn off/disable any kind of guide snapping? Using the “command-key” is not really helping when tracing around any objects when having adjacent assets within the art board, its always trying to snap it to to the edges of neighboring assets. Current workaround is easy and its to remove the adjacent layer(s) from the art board. I want to be able to toggle snapping on and off via shortcut

You can uncheck the Arrange > Snap Elements and Points menu item. A keyboard shortcut can be added via the System Preferences Keyboard Pref Pane.

When unchecked, command is the opposite; it will now temporarily allow snapping.

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Aha, not sure why I was looking for it in View :thinking: Anyhow, this works wonders thank you! Now that
I am thinking about it shouldn’t it really be in View as oppose Arrange?

There’s never perfect menu item placement, but view menu items typically don’t affect behavior, whereas this does directly concern how you are going to arrange items.

(A better question would be should guides/layout grid be in arrange or view…)

I mean that’s where I was looking for :crazy_face: now you got me confused, In my case it had nothing to with arrangement of my assets. I was tracing over a photo and that’s when I noticed it was messing up my trace so it was in my way, in my “view” as the notion implies when in view? Don’t know why, but I was looking for in the guides section of view as I’d typically find it in Adobe apps under view - is it in view? Anyways, I couldn’t find it there in hype. So I said to myself, If not there where? :joy: To my surprise it was tucked away nicely in arrange with a rather long and strange description - who would’ve thought?

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I can’t remember the reasoning now, but when we add menu items we typically survey a lot of other apps and try to figure out the best approach that is common to folks and makes the most sense for Hype. I do think we’ve gotten a lot of questions about snapping overall so it very well could be this should be moved.

Personally in most apps I use the search in the Help for “snap” and that’s how I typically find it :smiley:.