.ogg Files missing when loading in iBooks Author

Hello all!

The open textbook grant I’ve been working on the last 3 years is finishing its work with Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade texts. One of the things I’ve done this time around is have the interactive widgets have audio voiceovers. They look and sound great!

I create an iBooks Author version for students who view the books on their iPads, and then create a PDF from that which services all our Chromebook users (I link to the interactives online - it’s not ideal but it gets the job done)

This hasn’t created an issue when I submit to the iBooks store, however - I get a warning now in iBooks Author when I open the book that all the .ogg files are missing

I created a few files for other grade levels that had all three kinds of audio files in them and didn’t get this error message. Those were created with an earlier version of Hype.

I recorded in Adobe Audition then exported each file into .wav, .ogg, and .mp3 format

Anyone have any ideas?

That is odd, I can’t imagine that iBooks Author would remove files within a widget willy-nilly. There’s one .ogg file that appears to have a “(Conflicted copy from Morning Star on 2017-07-31)” marker in the name, so I also wonder if it is possible you have this in a sync service and at some point that might have removed the files, though it would likely be before it was in the .iba state.

I’d investigate this by doing a few things:

Check to see if the files are in fact missing from the .iba file

  1. Rename your book from .iba to .zip
  2. Double-click to unzip
  3. Locate the .wdgt file in the newly created folder
  4. Control-click and choose ‘Show Package Contents’
  5. Look inside the *.wdgt.hyperesources folder

Are the .ogg files there or are they in fact missing as they claim?

Check the .wdgt file to see if they were there?

If you still have the original .wdgt file you used, you can look in a similar way to see if it was in there:

  1. Control-click and choose ‘Show Package Contents’
  2. Look inside the *.wdgt.hyperesources folder

Check the .hype document and see if they are there?

  1. Control-click on your .hype file and choose ‘Show Package Contents’
  2. Look inside the Resources folder

I’d be curious what you see in each. If they are still in the .wdgt, you could just re-import that. If they are in the .hype document, you could re-export the .wdgt, and then re-import .wdgt. If it is not in the .hype document, then I’d be curious if there were any conflicting files inside and if you’re storing this on some network or cloud-synced folder/volume?

In any case, .ogg isn’t used for iBooks so despite being a worrying issue, it might not adversely affect your document.

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As always - thank you for the response. I’ve done some investigation and have an update to report.

I save all of these files to my Creative Cloud suite as my organization owns the subscription and if I were to ever leave the ownership would transfer. Around the same time this problem began I got general sync errors noted below:

Clicking on “the specific errors below” as Adobe requested wasn’t even remotely helpful. I did however view the package contents in the .widget file - both individually and by making a copy of my iBook and unzipping it as you described above. The files are there.

I’m perplexed. I have had some random iBooks Author issues that don’t seem to be a problem for anyone else I’ve checked with (if it’s full screen and above 125% on the view, it crashes when I flick between pages) but the bizarre sync error with Creative Cloud makes me wonder if the problem isn’t in iBooks Author. I had some updates to both Hype and my Creative Cloud software and accounts around the same time the issue began.

It does seem like a sync issue bit you somewhere along the way. It is odd though as a .iba file is a zipped format so if it were constructed properly originally then I’d expect it to be immune to changes since it would be synced at the file level and not the inner zip contents. But perhaps the issue was caused ahead of adding the widget.

One of the books is live and not throwing any errors to those who have downloaded it so - I will ignore. I’ll be moving the source files once I’m finished with the scope of the project overall and that will get rid of those annoying red !'s in my Finder window. Thanks Jonathan!


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