Offline Documentation

You can download our offline documentation from the top of our documentation page:

If you’re looking for documentation for Tumult Hype 2.5, download this file.


I read this document with iphone5, preety neat, is it also done by Hype? or bootstrap? Would you like to share your experience on selecting tools when you have different need web development? Thanks!

The docs were built as a ruby app that reads a set of Markdown files. I started with the goal of allowing us to write documentation in Markdown and got a bit carried away. These docs make use of the following projects and output to a single HTML file:

And props to @michael for help with the design!


Thanks Daniel, for the generous and detailed reply.

This is very helpful to me as a beginner.

Hi Daniel,

Is it possible to have the properties of those APIs listed in both online and offline document? Not sure if I say it correctly, I mean some properties we can control by code like width, height etc, or if you have other suggestion, please let us know. I am still figuring out how those javascript masters remember so many key words…

I’m not sure what you mean. The JavaScript functions in this section are in both the offline and online docs:

They are also listed in the JavaScript editor, so you have it with an Internet connection or not.

If you’re talking about a JavaScript cheat sheet, here are a few: