Odd results - different in local publish and when loaded to the server

I’m seeing some strange results in a test publish.

I built a custom output assembly with a dynamically generated menu in a separate DIV. This will eventually be a SCORM module with suspend restore from the LMS. Not finished as I’m still fumbling my way around Hype.

I restyled the hype_scene class to give it a fixed left margin and size that changes with the breakpoints to accommodate the fixed left menu. It works great locally. But when uploaded to the server, strangely, the fixed left margin and fixed width gets wonky. You can see it here when you narrow up the window. It overlaps the menu. Doesn’t work like that locally. The width and left margin are fixed, it doesn’t flex locally. And when the window passes the break point, it snaps nicely.


Any ideas on why this might be happening? I plan on looking into it tonight but I can’t see why it would behave differently on the server than it does locally. Strange.

Ah, I think I see what’s up. Under preview the element ID is index_hype_container. When published, it changes the prefix to the name of the document. In this case, that’s hypescorm_hype_container… Sad face. I see why this is done but it produces some strange results. Guess I’ll just need to remember to name the selector based on the name of the document:P

   #index_hype_container {
	width:768px !important;
	margin-left:260px !important;

Yep. That was it. Still an odd break when it shifts to the narrow layout but it’s better.