Odd Bug - App already purchased though

(jason_ellis) #1

I am wondering about the “Unable to complete purchase…” message which appears oddly placed on the screen upon opening Hype 3 without being connected to the Internet. Oddly, I’ve already purchased the app, so its quite a weird bug/message. It goes away and I am able to use the program normally, however it is very annoying as I have to click on it everytime I open the app. It is to note it only happens when I open Hype 3 not being connected to the internet.

I’ve included a screenshot of the message I get.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?


I’m sorry you’re hitting this!

Could you please submit an issue from within Hype, using Help > Report an Issue? When you do so, please ensure that the “Send logs, preferences, and system information” checkbox is checked.


(jason_ellis) #3

Hi there Daniel

No problem at all. I’ve just done that. Let me know if you need anything else.

Kind Regards


(jason_ellis) #4

Is this a local problem affecting only me or is it something that can be reproduced?


We’ve heard reports of this any we’re trying to narrow down what causes it.

(jason_ellis) #6

Nonetheless I’m glad I can override that message as of right now because it’s an excellent app. A biking projects’ website was created and is being maintained within :slight_smile:

(stephen) #7

This should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for letting us know!