.oam too big in indesign document

I am having an issue with the .oam file appearing way too big in my InDesign document when I preview online. The page size is 1024 x 768 for both Hype and InDesign but only the top left of the Hype animation is showing.
I have tried setting scaling to 100% and unchecking scaling but same result.
Am I missing something obvious here?


Can you share your document? Not sure what’s happening here.

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Here are the InDesign and hype files
Just tried again and still the same
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https://www.icloud.com/attachment/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcvws.icloud-content.com%2FB%2FAdMbQ6TcEG_EdZ3xQ6cOkgK6G1rzAcMDb5bfFq-Ep08mQg5D6LLipFzJ%2F%24{f}%3Fo%3DAgEZDOa0rTVZ0BHK6tYfRLv8_revy3RFQQ9n43TCla9p%26v%3D1%26x%3D3%26a%3DBZLZ59gckz-8AygJMwEA_wHIAP8wstE4%26e%3D1462984785%26k%3D%24{uk}%26fl%3D%26r%3D6BF4AE10-C9D3-44FA-88B9-D519D653716A-1%26ckc%3Dcom.apple.largeattachment%26ckz%3D550A16BE-FE1A-422F-96D4-2D093A644530%26p%3D24%26s%3Dr73bgoGtYWweWvO1OlR12ESAg6s&uk=Iv0m2k9fiimtHKlVrNeeUw&f=BoB%20App%20visuals%20with%20maps.indd.zip&sz=7319016BoB App visuals with maps.indd.zip
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When you preview your document ‘online’, how are you doing it? Can you give me the steps you take to place it on the web from InDesign?

InDesign CC has a Publish button top right of the window which gives CC members the chance to share and preview. If you have screen share facility I can show you tomorrow

  • finished work for today!
    What is strange is that if I create an InDesign document that matches the 1024 width of the Hype file it works fine - very peculiar!!


That is very odd… Can you send me your version that works?