OAM Shifting issues in wordpress

I am building a simple animation to be load in a AVADA wordpress site.
On the footer, There are four images that display ok in my safari test from Hype but When I exported the OAM files and load into wordpress…the files shift to the right. A blank area shows on the left of the image with Brooklyn Bridge

this is the site link:

its the result of its parents:
div with id main,
section with id content,
the parent div of class ‘post-content’

here comes hypes div and aligns left.


tks classen

I must be missing something else. still not doing. Unfortunantly I can share the div code here

in the screenshot you can see where the parentelement starts left.
it’s the left side of the green area, which displays the padding,
the right side is the first place to start with zero padding and margin.

it’s not a real footer, but belongs to the content section …

anyway, if you like you can play with a negative margin for the hypecontainer.

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