OAM Poster Image Support


(davemez) #1

Looking for an easy way, like in adobe edge animate, to include a simple image for a placeholder while a larger oam file loads. Or any tips on making a custom preloader, without the need for rocket-science coding. would be great… tia!


When exporting your Tumult Hype document, just put your playhead in the position you’d like to use as your default image. This is handled in the XML file we generate for OAM widgets on line 15 here:

To use a different image in your resource library, just replace that line’s image reference.


To edit that xml file, you’ll need to break apart the OAM package:

  1. rename your file from filename.oam to filename.zip,
  2. unzip it, then edit the file,
  3. And finally return it to a ‘oam’ file by zipping it up, then renaming the zip to have the extension ‘oam’