OAM files larger than HYPE project. Why?

Hi. Exported OAM files that I use with the Wordpress plugin are much larger than both the project and if exported as standard HTML. Why is this? Is that a bug?

That’s odd – can you share your Hype document?

You, can always just rename the .OAM to .ZIP and unzip it. Then you know.

Thanks. Didn’t know about the zip trick. I unzipped it and it has a 12MB png in there called Default.png … Is that needed?

It is not used by Wordpress so it can safely be deleted (other apps that use the OAM format do use it).

Thanks. So it won’t affect the loading speed of that element on a Wordpress post? And I can remove default.png and re-zip and rename as .oam?

The Default.png is not downloaded when viewing the element in Wordpress.


thanks guys! :slight_smile:

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