OAM export/ WordPress issues


I’ve made a game with 12 scenes. the hype document itself is 7.8MB, when I export as .oam to upload to Wordpress there is something going wrong. The size of the .oam is only 804kb, I’m sure it must be bigger than that? Is it an export issue?
I am using OS Catalina and the trial version of Hype 4 (I am going to properly upgrade from 3 soon).

When I add the .oam to WP through the hype plugin it adds it twice (every time) then the shortcode on the page just shows nothing. I have tried deleting the duplicate .oam and still the same issue. There are no console errors on the page and there is no div at all for where the shortcode should be. I am also getting a blank pop up for the ‘copy embed code’ (screenshot)

I am using the latest version of WP with the standard 2020 theme.

Please any insight would be really good as I need to get it up on the site!

Thank you

I’d be happy to take a look at this – could you private message me your login info? You can click ‘Message’ on my profile page here: Profile - Daniel - Tumult Forums

I too am having an issue with the OAM export. When I copy and paste the shortcode and preview the web page, I get nothing but a black box. I am using the latest version of WP.

I don't think we've seen anything like that, so it could be a number of many different things. Is it possible for you to post any/all of these:

  • a zip of your .hype document
  • your exported .oam file
  • a link to the published post
  • Whether you are using the iframe or div option for the embed

That will help debug. Thanks!

using iframe
link to post: http://bubblegumrainbow.com/post-872/
trying to upload the OAM and Hype document but each file is over the upload limit.

Can you share your login info with me so I can check this out? You can click 'Message' on my profile page here: Profile - Daniel - Tumult Forums

Something is very weird here...