Notify user when a file has been updated / changed in the resources folder

Hi doe's anyone know if it is possible to track and alert users if a file updates in the project resources.

My hype file will be embedded within an LMS and use json to load content in so I would like to create a banner to notify users if a piece of learning updates.

Users will see the banner and reload the 'app' to refresh the content.

Thanks in advance!

If a file is changed in the resources folder and the Hype animation is loaded, the latest version of the file will be loaded (assuming you aren't caching resources in some way either server side or client side).

If a Hype animation is loaded and being viewed, then a resource is replaced in the resources library, you would need to depend on some sort of polling to determine new content. So your JSON would need to have either an incremental number or date time field that says 'I'm version 6' or 'I was published on March 9, 2021 10:52 AM'. Then the 'polling' would re-load that Json and compare it with the local truth to see if the server truth is more truthy.

If you just want to make extra sure that new content is downloaded when your Hype animation is viewed, use unique names for resources, and reupload your Hype Generated JS file after changes, and also make sure the query string is different when embedding your Hype animation. If you embed with an iframe code, you can use a query string here as well:

<iframe src="" height="250" width="250" style="border:none;"></iframe>

Where '123' could be the version number.

This isn't really a Hype question, but something that web developers each have their own solution for. Lots of better answers than I can give here: or if you search for 'forcing refresh of stale web app'.

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Thanks @Daniel for that detailed reply much appreciated. After posting my research lead me in that general direction and am now working to try to implement.

Thanks once again for the steer in the right direction, I will re-post a working Hype file if and when I figure this out..a lot of moving parts to this one - thanks though!

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