Not working on iPAD

I uploaded a OAM file to my wordpress site. The OAM contains an interactive storybook with buttons. Every thing works when I play it on my laptop in any browser but when I use my iPAD(Generation 6), some buttons don't work and when I push some buttons, the pictures scales automatically when it's suppose to trigger a sound or advance to the next page.

How do I keep the picture from scaling and stay at a fixed size on the iPAD? What code do I need to implement so the device recognizes a tablet as oppose to a laptop? #needHelp

Thank you.

This may help


thanks. will try this

Hype Action Event allows to subscribe to mouse, touch and pointer events and the different states of them up down etc. Might help.

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Thanks for this guys, I was also stumped on why my site audio wasn't working on iPad. Excited to give this a go :smiley: