Not seeing OAM files made by Hype


Hello people,

can you also not see these 4 placed OAM files on this page?

I could export as html and use a iframe, but I would rather continue working with the oam file principle.



Should look something like this:


Looks like the JS files aren’t being found:


Yeah the problem lies at the Server and publish options that are made with Muse from Adobe. I think we found a Bug in Muse that has to be fixed.

If I upload the site anew on a different subdomain all is well.
As soon as I update the site, the JS files cannot be found.


Can you try uploading with a document name without spaces, all lower case? Like ostern or something?


Interesting I could try that.

No luck here. Tried to update the site with no uppercases. But now it cannot even find the banner inside the iframe (OAM). It has nothing to do with Hype generated OAMs but more how Muse grabs its assets.


Looks like something that should be reported to Adobe as a bug. Wish I could help!


Files and tagged and well ahead of ya, Daniel. You could join the forums. :slight_smile:


So the Muse Team asked me to write everything also in lowercases and export not just rewrite the OAM in lowercases. So I will give you an update on this Daniel.


Quick update Daniel,

seems writing in lowercase was the case in solving this problem in using hype generated OAMs in Muse.

See the new version and how it keeps working after updating the OAMs:


Glad that did it!

For others working with OAM files, I definitely recommend that you:

  • export in lowercase without symbols or spaces
  • don’t rename the .oam file after export.
  • use filenames within your Hype document/OAM that are also lowercase, without spaces, and without any föreign chåracters.


Once again a good end result working with Daniels guidelines when working with OAM files.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #12

From what we can tell, Adobe has resolved this issue in at least Muse 2015.2. If anyone is still seeing this please let us know along with a zip of your .hype document.