Not scrolling over dragging on my phone

I would like to know how can do scroll on my phone if I'm just over an element with the dragging property on... it is been impossible!

iOS's drag gesture is the same as the scroll gesture... Dragging takes precedent over scrolling, because otherwise there'd be no way to drag. I'm not exactly sure how you would expect to differentiate or have users know how to do the different action?

Maybe you're describing something other type of behavior? If so, feel free to include a zip of your .hype document so we can be on the same page.

The point is that, I've a slider occuping the whole window in a phone and I want to scroll down the site but it is been impossible because dragging takes precedent over scrolling so, how can I solve this?

With this little info it is honestly a bit hard to visualise your setup or help you further without taking wild guesses and leave more questions than I can list , for example..
What sort of slider?
how is the slider implemented ?
what's scrolling?
Are you using code.?
Are you using css ?
Is the slider fixed in place, how?

Can you please post more info and an example project.
To help you we need more info