Not Recognising Javascript

I had created a top panel for my site ( whilst the original hype. documents work fine i need to add a new range/brand. I added the necessary brand but when i export uploaded to my back end and ran it live my back end seems not to recognise where i am storing the JS file or the Html will see the "div" but it will show an empty where the scripts are supposed to be. Please note it's not my back end because all other new and other documents wor fine. Can I get some help and is there anyone from hype that i can send the files to please?

One thing I see on your current site is that you mix http and https, maybe same prob with link to JS?

It is hard to tell what you specifically want, but there are errors in the console log that come from using *_hype_generated_script.js files at the bottom of the page, but having no corresponding container divs where Hype content should be. You'll see errors on a lines like document.getElementById(g).setAttribute' where in this case the g is looking for Hype divs like:


Chance are you need to copy/paste these divs from the export correctly somewhere on your HTML page.


The actual problem is between the globehp divs
and the hype documents globetopbar_hype_container" class="HYPE_document divs.

The ones you had mentioned prior are blocked of and will not run purposly.

globetopbar_hype_container" class="HYPE_document script runs randomely or not finding the js file in the js folder. again underline the fact that its not my backend. All other new created scripts runs perfectly

Thank you

This file on your server: is the wrong version. It claims to be HYPE-734 based on the filename, but a HYPE-712 runtime is being served instead. This is mismatching with the globetopbar_hype_generated_script.js script file, which expects v734.

It seems you have some sort of very aggressive caching going on with your server.

The filename for the runtime is hardcoded in the *_hype_generated_script.js file, but if you manually load it in a <script> tag before that call, then it will use the manually loaded version instead. With this, you should be able to use the cache busting technique I see at the end of all script calls (stuff like &1626236538). Otherwise, it will probably work if you properly blow away your cache.

Thank you