Not All Freelancers are the Same

For those who do not know, there are spammers lurking in these waters, off-shore folks who have never even used HYPE. I found that quite surprising and disappointing. Especially these guys from A couple have hounded me, non-stop emails, requests for skype chats, and even called me from some Florida exchange… great more spam.

I come here looking for experienced HYPE developers. Not folks I can find on

Sorry to hear this Derek!

One thing I would consider doing in the future is to look at the responder’s history on the Forum.

Charles from “cisinlabs” had only joined recently and posted to just one other topic offering to “help” if he was contacted… but did not post any help about the topic.

This history is a red flag IMO.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Forum spammers have gotten more sophisticated and we’ll be blocking some users based on investigating this and paying a more close eye to these types of responses.


Yes, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Seams desperate, hope you didn’t get scammed. Also, I would have liked to help you but I just don’t own a Roku to test against. Then again “freelance” is only one category on the forum and the forum goal is certainly not a Fiverr competitor. Hence, there is no reward system, feedback cycle for reliability or security fallback for payments. Forum stats (@JimScott) can build trust (like on ebay) but every contractor you “pick up” leaving this place carries the usual business risks (plus the ones surrounding online contacts).

Best regards from Berlin

Seams like the next user with no track record has posted to the freelance forum concerning that job… that job posting is at least valuable as a honey pot

My suggestion: only user with a certain track record (time on forum or some other measure) can reply to postings in that category.


I think you should get a ROKU... lol. I like your style and your work ethic. I would like to work with you on this project. :slight_smile: Too bad...

Thanks for the reply.

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I just cleaned up the post. We’ll see if more come out of the woodwork…