No Workspace Panel for Project files

I have just tested the software for the first time and am loving the PHP live render, however as far as I can tell the software only lets you edit one document file at a time.

The way I work is with many linked php class files, that dynamically make up single web page. Without the feature that lists my many project files I can’t use the PHP Live Render feature.

It also makes it difficult for me to switch between files, is there any plan in the future for a file structure panel such as you get in Brackets and Espresso?

Please see the attached image:

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+1 for some way to view/organize multiple files. While I might be working on a small PHP experiment, it will most likely also have HTML, CSS and JavaScript - some of which may actually come from external documents.

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Thanks for the feedback - I’d actually say having a project/folder panel was the top HyperEdit request that we got.

The Watched Files panel (in the Command-1 File Inspector) automatically populates from HTTP requested resources, but doesn’t dive into what other PHP files might needed to compose the rendered HTML. You can manually add any PHP files you want to the table to watch for a reload, or their enclosing folder.

I was doing some scheming of combining the watched files with a folder navigator and using the macOS tabs… but that didn’t quite make the cut for 2.0 since the primary goal has been to modernize the code.

+1 in this request

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