No mouseover events on starting sequence

is there a way to hold on to mouseover events while the animated starting sequence is in progress?


Can you clarify the issue you’re seeing? A ‘mouse over’ action should still work on element which are animated. Seeing a document and example would be great here. You can zip your Hype document up as a zip file and drag it into your reply.

hi Daniel,

after the opening sequence, on mouseover the blocks of texts enlarge and a rectangle becomes visible underneath to make the text more readable; problem is that if you hover the mouse over the screen DURING opening sequence, the rectangles show up… even if there’s no text displayed yet. I kinda achieved the same result by not using rectangles, but in stead changing the brightness of the background of the text blocks (which are actually pictures…) to 50%, but the effect is not widely supported by the browsers

So if there would be a way to suppress mouseover actions during the opening sequence… (389.5 KB)

To supress a mouse-over, you would need to intercept the mouse-over event with a rectangle. This rectangle can just be completely opaque and disappear when you want mouse overs to fire again. I’ve set this up in your document so that it moves off to the right side of the document (out of view) after the loading animation concludes:

mouseover.hype (495.8 KB)

love it!.. thanks!


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