No more On Scene Load behaviors?

Am I missing something? I just updated to Hype 3 Pro and when I put a simple fade in on an element to occur when the scene loads, it also plays every time I scale between layouts. Is there a way to add animation that only loads once per scene, regardless of which layout you are in? Thanks.

You are correct that the Main Timeline on each layout will automatically play when the layout loads. To have an animation play only one time you can either use a persistent symbol or put your animations on a secondary timeline and use a bit of javascript to play it only the first time the scene loads.

I don’t know Javascript, and was hoping there was an easier route. Is there anyone out there that could write a javascript function to do this?


  1. Start the layout in desktop mode, animation begins to play.
  2. Scale down to mobile breakpoint, pause timeline and store a variable of the current timeline position.
  3. Pick up the timeline in the next layout at the saved position.
  4. Scale back up to original layout, perform the same function over again.

I understand that the timelines would have to be perfectly equal in length, and I intend them to be; identical animations for the components in each layout, but with some scaling and re-arranging applied to the mobile version.

To synchronize timelines across layouts, visit: Howto: Synchronize timelines across layouts