No direct update slider in iOS


the range slider I’m using works very well in Safari on my Mac. Slide and it updates.
But when testing on iPad (hype reflect and xcode) you need to slide and tap before it updates. Is this normal iOS behaviour? And if yes, can I do something to make it work like on the Mac?

Can you share something as it’s difficult to guess how you’ve added the “range slider”

Ok now we’ve established its an input. What is “updating”?. For example an input type=“range” in a simple test on my machine (and Hype reflect) does exactly the same thing.

there is a slider and the counter. On my Mac counter changes immediately when I move the slider.
On iOS I lslide and then have to tap the slider to update the counter.

Ok. @Djon first of all. You have to give a lot more information. This is from a project you posted in another post (that was for another problem) but the slider you are referring to is running a function on mouse click to update the amount in the text element. You should use on Mouse Down (Touch Start) if you want it to run in iOS

Second;y, I would refain from using playbackRate in iOS as it can have funny affects.

Right, I will try the mousedown option.
What kind of effects are you thinking of? The slow down function is rather esential. I am a musician and use a couple of apps with slow down function on ios and never had problems with that. Or is itjust the playBackrate js function?