No Audio on Hype preview


I do have the Problem, that I have no audio on the Hype Professional preview.
On the Safari preview there ist the Audio?!

Is there any keyboard shortcut to mute Audio in the Hype preview?

thanks for your help

HI @clinton

It’s possible that your question is being lost in translation :slight_smile:

Do you want to hear audio in Hype while working on your project? Or you don’t want to hear audio? There is no shortcut that mutes the audio. You can place code that mutes it but it depends on how you’ve added the audio to the scene.

Hi Bear,

thanks for the answer.
I added the audiophile in the timeline and I want to sync the the actions to the added music.

Unfortunately, this is not possible currently, with audio (at least not easily).

A good workaround is to convert the audio to video and then you can play it in the timeline and sync like this. There are a few posts here that discuss this. Do a search and you should find something.