No audio in web app in ios10

I’m having audio problems with my web app Rites of Way on the app store. It plays perfectly on my iPad in iOS9 but no audio on my iPhone in iOS10.

In simulator mode in xcode, the hype files play perfectly - and I believe that it’s working fine for some users in iOS10 - just not me.

I’m struggling to work out why the sound’s not working - and I’m sure people are going to say this is an xCode issue which I think is, but if anybody has any solutions, I love to hear them.

Generally if audio plays in the simulator it will also play on the device. Does it play within Mobile Safari (outside the scope of your app)? It’d be most useful to see the .hype document and .xcode project if you can post that.

Also, did you just update to iOS 10.3? There is a known issue where audio will not play (thanks Apple…); a fix will be out soon.

Thanks Jonathan - its been on the app store for a year, plays in the simulator and on my iPad, just not on my iPhone5 running iOS 10.2.1 since I upgraded the OS. The files are 30meg each is that OK to post ?

I think the forums have a ~3 MB limit, but you can put it on Dropbox (or other file syncing service) and then get a shared public link that you can post.

Jonathan - although it’s a free app, there is some copyright content which I don’t really want to share with the world. Can I share it privately with you via We Transfer ?

I was on iOS 10.2.1 with no audio on my iPhone 5 and I’ve upgraded to 10.3 -no difference, although sound is fine with other apps including one developed with phone gap.


Sure, send an email to and I will keep it private.

I encountered the same problem. Update to xCode Version 8.3 (8E162) fixed it until now. I’m still on iOS 10.2.

And then … magically it stopped working.:rage:

If possible, please do send any documents to reproduce this to