Newbie to Hype Pro

Hi Ya.
Have just purchased Hype Pro. I am an hobbyist animator and have worked with Flash ProCS4, Anime and now Hype.
First question of many i will properly ask over the coming months is What format does it accept when it comes to importing a symbol please?
Second question - When it comes to downloading audio does the audio need to be the same size as the animation or does it do that automatically?

Thank you.

Welcome onboard!

Hype can only import symbols which it creates (a .hypesymbol file). It cannot import from other programs.

As far as audio, you can think of Hype as something that just has actions to start/stop audio. The size (whether play length or file size) is not relevant to how the audio system works. For example, if you have an action that starts audio when a scene loads, you’d need to manually add an action to stop it when the scene unloads. Feel free to elaborate on your audio needs if that doesn’t answer it.

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