Newbie question: click a button to play vimeo-link?

Hi, how can I make a button to play a vimeo-link in Hype pro (when clicked)?

I’m working with InDesign CC2015 with content to be exported as fixed epub -> iBookStore and Google Play. So, I’m testing Hype for the first time and want to export from Hype to InDesign eom-files.

I just inserted a html widget with the embedding code from into Hype to try this. But when exporting from InDesign to epub I just was redirected to a web browser, where the vimeo-link was shown. I thought it would be shown as an iframe?

I’m a newbie here on Hype, thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Thanks, Christina

In my initial email to you I had recommended a HTML widget, but I actually meant to say ‘rectangle’ – placing a Vimeo embed code within an HTML widget makes a double iframe, which is likely what is causing this issue. Can you try embedding the vimeo-provided iframe code in a rectangle instead? If that doesn’t work it would be great to get your Hype document and indesign file.