New website - full of Hype baby


(Octavian Chelaru) #1

Hello everyone,

Just got my first Hype project live on a teaser site for an interactive book app we’re working on and so far reactions are quite positive :wink:

On a personal note, I’m a convert and would like to congratulate all of you in the Tumult team for producing such an amazing piece of software. It was easy to pick up if you have previous timeline animation experience, very intuitive and powerful. Tested great on all relevant browsers and devices so I’m throughly impressed. Thank you!

Check it out here:

Please let me know what you think, I’d appreciate any suggestions and feedback to help refine this at a later date.


Hello guys I am new to hype so just want to know some basic stuff!
(Fotis Kalafatis) #2

hey @Octavian, it’s really beautiful! Well done!
There is a strange flickering happening on my mac’s Chrome but Chrome is having rendering issues on my machine so I’m not sure if it your problem or my problem (probably mine, but I thought of mentioning it)

(Fotis Kalafatis) #3

if I had really had to squeeze and find some “suggestion” - I’d say the following:
Adding a little motion to the heads/upper bodies (of the boys, the dinosaur and the mammoth) would be a nice addition.
Very slow, barely imperceptible motion - so very limited and slow, that one would have to fix on it holding his/her breath to determine if it’s really happening or not. But this adds extra fluidity!
Can’t think of anything else! I’m already sold on Cobbleton being my next year’s vacation place :wink:

(Octavian Chelaru) #4

Hey @F_Kal, thank you so much for the feedback and kind words!

I tested on a few various Macs w/Chrome around the office and it seems to display just fine, where does the flickering occur exactly?

I think your suggestion for adding a tiny bit of motion to heads/upper bodies is super cool, will definitely consider this for the next build!


PS: Consider your Cobbleton vacation booked :slight_smile:

(Fotis Kalafatis) #5

It was at the header image (where the clouds/boys/signpost are) - but I’m inclined to believe that it’s my machine having issues (I’m plagued with a very rare chrome bug that reappeared recently) - I even have graphical glitches with facebook and youtube :slight_smile:
So if I were you, I wouldn’t spend time investigating my claim any further, and just make a mental note of it; if later on somebody else having the issue comes forward, you’ll know that “I’ve somewhere heard that before” :wink:


(Octavian Chelaru) #6

Thanks @F_Kal, indeed it’s likely a local issue but will definitely keep a mental note of it in case there’s more reports :slight_smile:



Really fantastic, excited to see where this goes! Great animations.

(Octavian Chelaru) #8

Thank you so much @Daniel, I hope we won’t disappoint :blush:

(Bryann) #9

Great work! I’d be interested to see how you did the slider gallery.

(Octavian Chelaru) #10

Thank you so much @schlooie, much appreciated!

The slider gallery is actually a fairly customised Layer Slider plugin, nothing too fancy I’m afraid.
Initially the slider animations were Hype docs as well but we ran into some issues (posted here) and ended up having to use them as GIFs for now. A bit old had but it got the job done.



@Octavian How did you do the loading screen? I’ve tried to find tutorials on here but I can’t seem to get anywhere!

(Octavian Chelaru) #12

Hi @PappaSmalls, I’m afraid I won’t be of much help on this one because the loader is site-wide, implemented in the WordPress theme, not within Hype :frowning:

(Octavian Chelaru) #13

Hello everyone, just thought I’d share a quick update.

The site’s been nominated on Awwwards, 24h of voting remaining, not looking too bad so far :smile:

It also got featured on HypeDocks, CSSLight and a few other galleries, super exciting stuff!


(freddie3D) #14

Wow, great job! The animations are really nice in addition to the great art work. Was the website created entirely in Hype?