New user needs help please with mobile layout

Hi I am a new user and working on my first project. What I am trying to do is create a presentation that will be responsive to various screen sizes.

I have set up the different layouts the problem I am having is on the mobile screen the content does not scroll down. Not sure if Im explaining this properly but it only shows what is on the screen the additional content i would imagine you would scroll down to but it does not scroll. It just cuts the content off and is static.

Am i missing something here?

Thank you

This can happen if you have the ‘scale’ checkbox set to 100% on the height dimension. That 100% number is 100% of the available height of your document, so if your scene size is smaller than your device size, it will expand to fit and pinned items will be pinned a certain distance from the edge, but if your scene size is larger than your device size it might get cut off. The quickest way to fix this is to uncheck the ‘height’ scale checkbox. This might result in some scrolling necessary to see all your content.

Hi Daniel thank you for the quick response I checked but the scale is deselected. I am using the preset size for the I phone, if I use my own screen size of 400 width and 1024 pixels height it is scrollable in the browser but haven’t tried on the phone yet. Is this a workable solution or will I run into trouble later on?

You’re kind of contradicting yourself here. I thought the issue was that it didn’t scroll on a mobile device? Seeing a link would be great.

Hi Daniel the first screen size was the preset i phone size I thought the content off screen would be scrollable. When I made the screen size bigger it scrolled. I apologise if I sounded a bit confusing.