New user: Animation blurry in iBooks fixed-layout epub


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I’m new to both Hype and animation in general. My Hype animation looks great when previewed in the browser. But once I bring it into InDesign CC 2014 and export to fixed-layout epub (via CircularFLO) it appears super-blurry in iBooks. Screenshot below shows part of the animation on the left and the crisp regular text on the right. I’m guessing this is a CircularFLO problem (and am waiting to hear back from them), but if anyone has experience with this and knows what the issue is, I’d appreciate any info.


Is your text included in your Hype document as regular text or as an image? If it is an image, you might want to uncheck ‘Automatically optimize when exporting’ in the resources library when you have the image selected. InDesign might be loading a low resolution version of your image.

If that’s not it, could you send an example InDesign file + Hype document so I can see what might be going wrong?

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Thanks for your help. Text is included as image, but it’s not just the text that’s blurry. I tried your suggestion, but there was no change. Best way to send you the files? Can’t post them publicly.


Sent you an email. I’ll update this thread with a solution soon.

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I heard from CircularFLO that my base image was too small. Once I got it to the correct size, the problem was solved. But I haven’t been able to figure out how to resize the entire animation so everything still lines up properly. My detailed motion paths are now way off. If there’s a tutorial on this that you could link me to, I’d appreciate it. Searching now…


Glad you found a solution to the blurry text.

Unfortunately there’s no shortcut for scaling down a pre-existing motion path. You’ll need to recreate that animation to fit into the smaller size.

In your InDesign file, it looks like the area you have available for your document is about 351 x 382. You can resize images easily, but resizing an animation is not possible at this time.

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I did recreate the paths. Painful, but there didn’t seem to be any other way. The size I needed was 1782x1782, so that clearly explains the blurriness. Thanks for your help!