New update creates issues with scaling

At least I assume it was the recent update, cause we never had this issue until today.

This is what happens if I run the animation and watch it ( just like I always would)


This is what happens when I open the animation and let it run on another tab, while I’m on a tab other than the one with the animation running.

It goes back to normal if I uncheck the Transform box

Here’s the file if anyone wants to check it out.

animaçõ (136.7 KB)

Thanks =)

Just found out that turning off postion with CSS left/top fixes the issue.

hm, is this solved then? guess it’s still an issue …

I don’t know, to be honest. hahah I found a “fix” but I believe it’s still a bug…(?)

Is this bug still active as I have the same jerkiness appearing in a banner of mine - and have turned off ‘Position with CSS top/left’ ?