New to Hype - Transformations

Hey there! I’m new to Hype and so far I really like what I see! I used Flash for years, up to CS6 recently, and we did a number of animations using mostly simple geometric shapes to describe aspects of our topic. We are looking at Hype as a replacement, since Animate isn’t available for a one time hard copy purchase (stupid ‘creative cloud’ lol). Before we can fully commit though (which looks very likely regardless), I’d like to know a thing or two more that I am having trouble finding:

So, question on transformations:

Looks like no way (yet?) to animate a square morphing into a circle? I think I’ve seen some mention of a code based alternative, but… not quite what I’m looking for. Am I missing an animation option for a shape animation transition? For an example… think of a square material placed on a surface and then heated, changing its rigid edges.

Here’s how to do that in Hype:


Lol, @Daniel just beat me to it… (11.9 KB)


Oh excellent, thanks guys!!

Hi @Daniel! Could you please repost the video link? Seems it’s broken!


FYI: There has been trouble with video demos being available for more than 48 hours - it might be fixed now for new uploads - but the older ones are unavailable. You may run across this in other posts.

For now You can, until your request above is met, download @MarkHunte’s example project just above which will show You the same thing as the video. Basically you are animating the corner radius of the square - going from zero pixels to 50% of the square’s width. So a square with a width of 100 pixels would have the animation start at 0 pixel corner radius and transition to a 50 pixel corner radius. (The corner radius setting is found in the “Element” panel under “Border” sub-head.)


Thank you @JimScott!

Unfortunately these videos may be lost. I’m checking to see if I have a backup of them before editing them… Apologies!

Thanks @JimScott!

no big deal @Daniel! @JimScott’s description is more than enough and the sample project will be useful for anybody who needs something more!