New timeline vs duplicate possible bug?

I’ve built a simple accordion type gallery here:

Multiple animation timelines triggering each other so that only one drop down is ever open at once.
One of those jobs I haven’t amended in a year or so so tend to forget exactly how I did it. I’ve had to add an extra element to it today and so initially just started by duplicating the animation timeline in the scene inspector and adjusting the various parameters to suit. Whatever I did it refused to work, I could allocate the new button actions to any of the existing timelines and it would work but not the new duplicate.
Spent literally hours trying to figure it out.
In the end I just deleted it and created a NEW timeline rather than a duplicate and it functioned perfectly.

What could be the reason for this happening does it hang on to some legacy settings that conflict in the duplicate that it doesn’t have in a new one?

There is a reported bug (fix is on the way) when duplicating a timeline you don’t switch to it. So probably you have been editing the wrong timeline. Make sure you have the right timeline selected here:

No it’s not that, I realise you have to select the correct timeline to edit it, this file has 19 of them. All the same but with different names so they can be allocated to each image independently.
This is exactly as I described, create a DUPE and edit it doesn’t work. Create a NEW one and use exactly the same settings as on the dupe and it works perfectly.

Okay my bad, only wanted to help. Hasn’t happened to me yet this way, but the case of not selecting the correct timeline just was recently my problem. I guess @Daniel or @jonathan will have to reproduce your bug report to fix it.

No problem, thanks for the input!

Can you send your Hype document as a zip file to so we can have a look?

Hi Daniel, file sent.