New Timeline Layer Enhancements

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To activate a layer(s) in a new timeline but have it deactivated in the MainTimeline and when in a new timeline it can act as transparent trigger if its activated for things like a button related interaction.

I thought the Element < Display < Visible or hidden would do the trick but it did not.

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Can you give an example to show what you mean?

Thanks for the feedback, visibility is definitely something I'm not satisfied with, especially with how common its usage is.

Ultimately right now you need to do a 2 keyframe animation on different timelines as:

  • timelines are just streams of animations and do not really contain their own state
  • visibility uses the standard animation system and as represented as such, so you still need a start and end keyframe to properly feed the animation system

Visibility is one of those weird properties where it is clear it should actually behave differently than everything else. I'm not sure about timelines containing independent state for it (since there's also times you want visibility affected across all timelines), but at least it should probably buck the two keyframe requirement to work as folks expect.



Yes, that did the trick! Thank you. I do have to mention sometimes I see the layer having slashes which signifies as still hidden in the new timeline, even though the key framed portion is hidden in the main timeline and should not be in the new timeline. However it works and seemed like it was a mis-representation on screen. Saving and re-opening Hype fixes this.

@MarkHunte here's what I was trying to achieve. One of my clients asked to bring back a site that had this hours portion on the site after the slideshow. The original was was made with Wordpress and Elementor with a different developer anyways, I didn't have access to it whatever was used, so I decided to recreate it in hype with some minor tweaks being the initial animation for each day of the week to animate was in sequence. I think came out better than the original, what say you? (167.7 KB)