New Release 3.6 - Youtube <iframe> issue

Hi @Daniel

I have a quick question with regards to adding a youtube iframe. I followed the instruction you’ve provided in a previous post which was helpful, however with the new release I’m experiencing an odd issue/ possibly a bug. When I add an iframe from youtube or use the recommended video embed generator inside an element, the video appears and functions perfectly inside Hype and also in the exported files, however when tested on a live server (Wordpress) on initial launch of the scene, the iframe doesn’t load. I have to reload the scene a second time to initiate the iframe. Can you provide a suggestion, as to what may be the cause of this?

This is the page I am referring to: the iframe is on the second slider, if you could have a look and advice, it would be great.

Also I have attached the project file for further (312.8 KB)

Thank you :slight_smile:


It was not clear to me atleast how you get to the second slide on that site, I had to dig around on the Project to find Actions that did it.

The three long dashes

Are the scene buttons

Hi Mark

Yes the dashes are the scene activators. On the second one is the issue in question. Any thoughts?


Had a quick look but do not have much time at the mo.

But although the video does not display, if you click the space it plays…

Hi Mark

When possible could you please have a deeper look, as it’s kind of a deal breaker and It was working fine in the previous version of Hype

You realise I do not work for Tumult right…!

I don’t mean to sound too forward, however no one forced you to participate in this discussion @MarkHunte , this particular question was aimed at @Daniel anyway, as I’am sure you can see that. Thus far your suggestions for this particular issue are pointless, but thanks for the help anyway.


I was trying to help you, but the last post sounded like you thought I worked for Tumult.


I have made no suggestions !, just observations.
The first is to point to the scene buttons so others can spot them and help you rather than just going to the first scene and have to figure out how to get to the second slider ( scene). It may be obvious to some but not all.

I also have pointed out that the iframe DOES Load and can be played but does not display. If you think that it is pointless to mention that then good luck to you.

Lastly, if you only wanted Danial to respond then you should PM him and not but your question on the Forum where you clealy do not know how to behave.

Just an “observation”, but maybe you should read your message first and think about your behaviour. Nothing personal but if you can’t offer anything of value, it’s best keeping your fingers away from the keyboard.

Good luck.

Are you kidding? There is difference between aid and work for free?


what ever causes this: i’ll guess you won’t get out of it without a dirty trick or a hypepatch just in case it’s related to hype …

so, did you try sthg?
what about wrapping the video in a symbol and place it a second time on the first scene (invisible or next to scene)
what about the size? youtube says that a minsize is 200 x 200 Pixel. yours is smaller

did you try to work with js to insert the video ?

just thoughts … have a nice day :slight_smile:


I’ve not tried wrapping the video in a symbol. I will try it and share the results if it works. It’s smaller 300x191, however I gave it ago with a bigger video container and I not much luck with that. All else fails , I may try to embed the video via js or it may just be a bug.

Much appreciated :slight_smile: Have a nice day yourself

Did you embed within an iframe? Youtube won’t like being in a double iframe. Ideally you would use the regular div embed method: Video: Embedding in Wordpress (Posts, Pages & Themes)

Hi Daniel

I iframed the video into an element/shape on my scene in Hype and then I used the div methods to add it to a column I’ve created inside Wordpress. I’ll give the div method another read, maybe I’m missing something.

Thanks man, appreciate the help!

This works fine for me in Safari and Chrome – change something?

If you try to clean the browser cache, you’ll notice for some reason the iframe doesn’t initiate on first load. I’ll try to iframe another video and see if there’s any difference. I was thinking that maybe it’s the thumbnail of the video, I have set the iframe to display a thumbnail image rather than auto-start the video in the video embed generator, maybe this is the cause. I’ll make some changes and let you know if I have any success.

Thanks man

Problem Solved!

The issues was that the element I was inserting wasn’t the same size as the iframe, which was causing it to behave oddly. I had to make the size of the container large enough for the video iframe to fit in.

Thanks everyone for the help!